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CV Writing Tips

19 February 2020

By Amy Goodfellow

CV Writing Tips

CV Tips

Your CV is an extremely important document as it is a personal reflection on you. It is very easy to make simple mistakes on your CV and this can damage the first impression you make on an employer. Please take a look at our CV tips below:

  • Always check your spelling and grammar in your CV, mistakes show that you lack attention to detail

  • Keep the information relevant and professional - don’t ramble.

  • Tailor your CV for every job that you apply for. Read the job description and required skill set and ensure you list your key skills and experience first

  • Use bullet points to grab the employers attention

  • Try to highlight your achievements in each role, e.g. new procedures, increased sales, successful campaigns or time-saving activities.

  • Keep it concise. CVs should be no more than 2 A4 pages long

  • Don't leave gaps - List any gaps in your career with a suitable explanation, for example, travelling / career break

  • Always tell the truth; most companies will check the facts you’ve stated like qualifications and previous employment history

  • Always ensure your contact details are correct on your CV so employers can get hold of you.

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