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How to nail that Video Chat Interview

03 September 2020

By Amy Goodfellow

How to nail that Video Chat Interview

How to nail a video chat interview.

Like most businesses COVID-19 has meant we have had to make changes to the way we operate to keep everyone safe. Lots of business will be using Video Chat / Zoom / FaceTime to conduct interviews. On top of our standard interview tips (see previous blog post) here are our top recommendations to ensure you nail that Video Chat interview:

1.     Make sure you set up your laptop / tablet in a comfortable, well-lit, and professional setting.

2.     Ensure you are familiar with the software (we recommend a trial run with a family member or friend first!) Test your computer’s audio and make sure you have a strong internet connection.

3.     Dress appropriately. Even though you may be taking the call in your living room, you still need to look the part.

4.     Take the call in a quiet place, ensure there are no disturbances.

5.     Speak slowly and clearly.

6.     Eye contact is still important, practice looking your web cam as you talk, rather than looking at the video of yourself on the corner of the screen.

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