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How to Plan and Structure a Good Interview

16 December 2021


How to Plan and Structure a Good Interview

​When it comes to an interview, it's just as crucial for the interviewer to plan in advance as it is for the interviewee. Here are some tips on how to plan and conduct a good interview.

Introduce Yourself

The start of an interview should begin with everyone introducing themselves. Start by introducing yourself to the interviewee and letting them know your job title and role in the interview process. Allow fellow interviewers to introduce themselves and let the candidate do the same.

State the Plan

After the introductions, let the interviewee know what the interview structure will be. Give a short explanation of the interview, the overall interview process and how long it should take.

Have the Candidate's CV in Front of You

Next, move on to letting the candidate talk about themselves and their experience. Ensure that you have read their CV beforehand and have it in front of you for reference. You may also wish to plan some questions based on the information in the CV. If there are any gaps in the CV, now is a great time to ask why.

It's also helpful to ensure everyone in the interview has a copy of the candidate's CV if they want to ask questions themselves. Making notes directly on the CV makes it easier to look back on them and have all the information in one place.

Ask The Right Questions

Once the interviewee has spoken about themselves, you should now ask your in-depth questions to determine their suitability for the role. Try to ask questions that will have the candidate reveal their motivations, skills, why they think they'd be a good fit for the position and anything else relevant to the job and company. For example, if a person will be working within a team, try to find out how well they've worked in a group in previous roles, or if they'll be customer-facing, find out their customer service experience.

Think About Cultural Fit

To make the right hiring decision, the chosen candidate must fit in with the company's culture. This means their values must align with those of the organisation. Asking the right interview questions will reveal whether this will be a good fit or not.

Ask The Candidate if They Have Questions

Always give the candidate a chance to ask questions of their own. If there's anything you can't answer, be sure to find out the information and pass it on promptly. It can also be helpful to give the candidate your contact information and let them know they can contact you if they have any further questions after the interview has concluded.

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