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Tips on Working with a Recruitment Agency

28 February 2022


Tips on Working with a Recruitment Agency

​If you’re looking for new employees to join your organisation, it can be challenging to know where to begin with the hiring process. Many companies choose to work with recruitment agencies like ours for this reason. If you decide to work with a recruitment agency, here are some tips to help you hire the best talent possible for your business.

Know What Type of Employee You’re Searching For

This might sound obvious, but sometimes clients contact us to kick off the recruitment process, but they haven’t adequately thought about what they want from a new employee.

Begin by considering whether you need a temporary or permanent employee to join your team. Once that’s decided, it’s time to start thinking about what skills, experience, and qualities you’re looking for from an employee.

Get Clear About Your Recruitment Process

A recruitment company like ours will always ask about your recruitment process. They’ll want to know how your entire process works from start to finish, how many people you’d like to interview, what format you’d like interviews to take and everything else.

The more information you provide your recruitment company with at this stage, the better a job they’ll be able to do. Once we have this information from clients, we’ll begin advertising the role, monitoring responses, and finding top talent suitable for the position.

Organise a Time Frame

The hiring process isn’t immediate, so it’s essential to set out a time frame for how you want the process to go. Decide how quickly you want to move through each step of the hiring process, and be prepared to stick to it. Often, especially with the recruitment market as competitive as it is, companies lose out on the candidate they want because the recruitment process takes too long, so they accept another role elsewhere.

Properly Prepare for Interviews

We always advise our clients that to get the best from any interviews they hold, they should adequately prepare for them. It pays to prepare some questions in advance that can get to the bottom of whether a person has the right skills and experience for the role and whether they have the values and personality that will fit your organisation and culture.

We can assist with helping you prepare for interviews to ensure you get the most out of them and ultimately hire the right candidate for your role and your company.

If you’re ready to begin working with a recruitment company, our team are here to help. We can talk you through the entire recruitment process and answer any questions you might have about every stage. Let us help you find the perfect candidate to join your company and help you work towards future success. Get in touch with our knowledgeable and friendly team today by calling 02920 797 920 or emailing

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