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How to Negotiate a Pay Rise or Promotion

22 March 2022


How to Negotiate a Pay Rise or Promotion

​The vast majority of people in the UK aren't used to talking openly about money and salaries, so the idea of negotiating a pay rise or promotion can make us feel uncomfortable, even if you believe it's something you deserve and are working hard for. Don't back away from having the conversation if you think you deserve a pay rise or promotion. Instead, ensure you're well prepared for a chat, so you are set up for a successful outcome.

Here are some tips if you want to open up a conversation about an increase in your salary or a potential promotion.

Schedule a Meeting

Don't spring a conversation about a pay rise on your boss out of nowhere; instead, take the time to schedule a meeting and let them know what it will be about. They'll appreciate the heads up and will be more prepared for the meeting themselves, and will be clued up on what increase – if any – they can offer you.

Be Prepared

It's vital not to start a conversation about a pay rise without knowing what you're going to say and having some clear and realistic expectations of what to negotiate for. We always recommend that individuals do some research to find out how much others in similar roles are earning, whether within your existing organisation or with your competitors.

Being armed with information about your performance levels is also a good idea. Be prepared to provide evidence of how well you're doing in your role and how you're contributing to the business's overall success. Relating your request to the bigger picture of the company as a whole is a great way to frame things, and you'll have a better chance of achieving your goal.

Be Prepared to be Flexible

Being ready to be flexible is always best when it comes to conversations about salaries and promotions, as often your employer may come back to you with a scenario you hadn't considered.

One example of this could be asking for a pay rise of X amount and your employer instead offering you more responsibility, a chance to step up to a higher level within the business and a pay rise of Y amount. Another example could be you asking for a salary increase of X and your employer offering a lesser amount, coupled with employee benefits you didn't previously enjoy.

It is important to think carefully about what you're offered and not agree or disagree with anything on the spot. Your employer should give you time to consider your options thoroughly before coming to a decision.

If your request for a pay rise or promotion is denied and you feel you deserve more, it might be time to look elsewhere for new opportunities. If you're ready to look for a new role, browse the range of positions available on our website and get in touch on 02920 797 920.

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