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Virtual Interviews and How to Prepare

15 June 2022


Virtual Interviews and How to Prepare

​Virtual interviews have become more popular over the past two years because of their high use during the pandemic. There are several benefits to virtual interviews, the two most popular being saving time and expense for the interviewee as they don’t have to travel to an interview location.

Generally, a virtual interview will take place using a video conferencing platform such as Teams, Zoom or Skype. While the fundamentals are the same as a traditional in-person interview, there are some differences and things to consider ahead of time.

How to Prepare for a Virtual Interview

Check your Internet Connection

Ensuring you carry out your interview somewhere with reliable and high-quality WIFI will ensure you don’t suffer from buffering, poor quality images, bad sound, and other interruptions.

Ensure You Know the Tech

The organisation should let you know what platform the interview will be taking place on well in advance. If it’s a platform you have not used, take time to familiarise yourself with it to ensure that you know how to do things you might need to do during the call, such as screen sharing or temporarily muting your microphone.

Choose Your Surroundings Wisely

Thinking carefully about where you will do the virtual interview is crucial. Choose a quiet and comfortable space – ideally in a room where you’re alone and can shut the door on any potential interruptions or noise. It’s also a good idea to check the lighting to ensure the interviewers can see your face clearly.

Also, think about what the interviewer(s) will see behind you in the background. If your room is untidy, it will give a poor first impression. If you’re somewhere with many things behind you, consider using a filter that blurs the background so the focus is on you.

Check Your Mic and Camera

Before the call, take 2 minutes to ensure your microphone and camera are working correctly and adjust sound levels if needed.

Prepare Some Questions

Just as you would for an in-person interview, prepare some questions to ask the interviewer. These can be things like asking what a typical day in the role would look like, what tasks would you be expected to complete, what the company culture is like and more. Having questions prepared shows you have done some research and are interested and engaged.

Dress Appropriately

You should treat your virtual interview with the same professionalism you would give to a face-to-face interview. Your clothing and overall appearance matter as much as if you were there in person, so choose your outfit and style your hair the same way you would if you met the employer face-to-face.

Have Notes Ready

If you’re the type to forget things when you’re nervous, having some short notes to hand, including your experience, qualifications, and past projects, can be helpful. Keep your notes short and sweet, and don’t rely too much on them.

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